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iAnnotate for Good

by Branchfire
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What's new

Version 3.1 of iAnnotate Good Dynamics Edition includes annotation authorship. Attach your name to each annotation, and see who wrote other annotations in the left-hand Navigation panel. Starting with version 3, iAnnotate Good Dynamics Edition supports DOC, PPT, and image files. Your users can open these file formats in iAnnotate and convert them to PDF for annotation. These files are processed on our server, so an Internet connection is required.


iAnnotate is an easy to use app for reading, marking-up, and sharing PDFs. You can annotate PDFs, organize them in the iAnnotate Library, and share them with colleagues and on different devices. iAnnotate gives you access to highlighters, pencils, bookmarks, and text notes, as well as quick search and navigation of your PDFs. It also features multi-tabbed reading, smooth highlighting, multiple options for reading, including tapping to advance or go back a screen. The app is priced as a subscription, beginning at $16 per device per year.

Server Requirements

This application requires a server which may be located in the Cloud

GD Entitlement

Version: 3.1



Branchfire builds software that simplifies how people work. Its award-winning iAnnotate app allows users to read, mark up and share documents and images via an iPad. The company also offers an enterprise version of iAnnotate for large organizations. Over one million people worldwide use applications powered by Branchfire. Based in Chicago, Branchfire is a privately-held company.

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