• Update Email in Real Time

    404 votes
    One of the most annoying features of Good that I experience every day is the delay in processing the status of my Exchange mailbox.  If I am at my desk most of the day and I am reading, responding and deleting em...
    last modified by dvanderl
  • Sync Drafts between Good and Outlook

    388 votes
    A common request from my users. It would make their lives easier, in particular, for the road warriors.
    last modified by denning
  • Multiple mailboxes

    338 votes
    We have several users and its growing that have multiple inboxes.   They have there personal mailbox and shared mailboxes.   It would be great if they could get both mailboxes on their handheld.
    last modified by slimmonr
  • Edit the body of a received email and then forward it.

    299 votes
    We have several complaints from users that are unable to edit the body of a received email and then forward it.  The text in the received email is simply not editable.   We feel that this functionality shou...
    last modified by raj
  • Change calendar view to Weekly - iOS

    237 votes
    There is an option to view the Calendar in a daily and monthly view, but not weekly. This is probably the most common view in my business. This is Good running on iOS apple devices.   i'm not sure if this featu...
    last modified by steveprice
  • Notes

    228 votes
    I'm surprised that no one has published here an Idea to sync Notes from Outlook to Good.  I was unpleasantly surprised when I realized that neither Notes nor Tasks are accessible via Good.  I used both const...
    last modified by ric.schank@suntrust.com
  • Notes/Journals

    223 votes
    I want to synchronize notes or journals from Exchange and Domino and be able to create, view, and update them on the device
    last modified by Good Community Manager
  • Regularly Updated Feature Release Schedule and Feature Road Map

    203 votes
    I would like to see an accurate feature road map and/or release schedule (that is regularly updated and easily accessed) so I know I can tell my users that feature X will be available in Y weeks time. At present, all...
    last modified by bennelson
  • View multiple calendars

    191 votes
    We use calendars quite extensively in our company.  It would be very helpful if we could also view shared calendars that we have access to on our desktop.  Thank you!
    last modified by mdcyclonefan
  • Banner notifications for new emails (iOS)

    157 votes
    If it works for event reminders I see no reason why it should not for new emails. Would save a lot of time instead of always typing a phone passcode to see if there is anything in the badge icon.
    last modified by aml
  • Need ability to manage multiple calendars

    150 votes
    Outlook provides the ability to manage multiple calendars.  Good should also provide this feature.
    last modified by kevin.murphy@usaa.com
  • Password Protected Attachments

    151 votes
    Need to be able to open password protected attachments such as adobe and MS office doc types. Currently not supported by Good. High level staff frequently use protected documents and for seamless operation need the ab...
    last modified by radmassie
  • Change font size

    137 votes
    I want to be able to change the font size in the application from a selection in preferences because I want to customize the size of the text for me to read my email and calendar easier.
    last modified by Good Community Manager
  • Good for Enterprise on Mac OSX & Windows

    141 votes
    The idea is to have a GFE client on OSX and Windows.  Many customers have requested this when I have visited them and I think it's a great idea.  Think of all the contactors who need email setting up on thei...
    last modified by rhibberd
  • Pull down to refresh

    127 votes
    I want to manually refresh my email inbox by pulling down the email list
    last modified by Good Community Manager
  • Improve the ability to set sounds for Good App

    112 votes
    The GOOD application under the iPhone Setting-->Notifications does not allow for sounds/vibrations to be set differently for events vs. emails. I do not need to be sounded/vibrated for every email from GOOD but I d...
    last modified by kmp-appgood
  • Preloaded Bookmarks in Secure Browser

    112 votes
    I would like to see the option to be able to send out a preloaded set of Bookmarks when a user is provisioned into GFE. We have a set of 'Favorites' we send out in IE etc and would like to mimic this in the Secure Bro...
    last modified by lukesharkey
  • Remove default email signature in Good Work

    95 votes
    Good Dynamics admins should be able to remove and/or set the default signature for all users in the Good Work app. This functionality was available in GFE, and an admin should not have to rely on users to remove the d...
    last modified by browndn101
  • Support standard fonts: Arial, Courier and Times New Roman

    91 votes
    The standard for eMails is Times New Roman 12. However, lots of companies are using Arial as their default font because it doesn't look as "aged" and is much "cleaner" and easier to read. We are receiving complaints f...
    last modified by davidz
  • Secure Browser - Cached Credentials

    84 votes
    When browsing company intranet site it would be nice if the user could check a box to cache their credentials when getting prompted for logon. Ideally, admins should have the optiont to turn this on/off via policy.
    last modified by jeremygould