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"No! Marty! We've already agreed that having information about the future can be extremely dangerous. Even if your intentions are good, it can backfire drastically!" -- Dr. Emmet Brown, Back to the Future



Do you remember that quote from the 1985 movie, Back to the Future? Doc Brown screamed it to Marty as he was trying to tell him about his future in the final scene of the movie.



It's true - having information about the future can be dangerous if we had time machines and the course of the future could be altered. However, time traveling DeLoreans don't exist and the "future", at least of technology, is now.



Technology is evolving at such a quick pace. The number of threats to information has increased and the demand for high-level security protecting mobile data is at an all-time high.



The RSA Conference was created in 1991 to address the challenges security experts faced. The upcoming conference in San Francisco's Moscone Center from February 25 - March 1 continues to address those same challenges, but on a global level. The theme is "Knowledge in Security: Mastering Data" and we'll be in Booth #226 - #228.



Our agenda includes hourly demos demonstrating the newest security capabilities of our collaboration workflows, giveaways for awesome mobile security gadgets for mobile road warriors, and our "App Bar" where our Mobile Alliance ISV Partners will demo their Good secured mobile apps!


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Wanna chat? Members of our Technical and Executive team are available for private one-on-one meetings covering our technical roadmap, future company strategy and regional development. You can schedule a meeting here:



We also have free expo passes for entrance into the Exhibit Hall. Click here to register and please use the code "FXE13GOODT".



We've setup some hashtags to help you keep track of our activity on social media as well as engage with us online. Please contact us on social media using #GoodAtRSAC.




Lastly, be on the lookout for this guy - the Good App Man! He'll be in attendance at the RSA Conference in and around the Moscone Center.



If you see him, and obviously you can't miss him, make sure to take a picture (even better if you're in it) and tweet it to @good_technology using #GoodAppGuy. Or, post it to our Facebook page. Every submitted image enters to win a mobile technology prize!



We're excited about the event and hope to see you there.






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