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Founded in 1996, Good Technology is a pioneer in secure enterprise mobility solutions. Thousands of leading organizations worldwide use our technology to empower millions of smartphones and tablets for business purposes.



Unfortunately, two of our competitors, MobileIron and AirWatch are willfully, flagrantly, and improperly using the intellectual property that we have spent hundreds of millions of dollars creating and are simply putting their own name on it.  MobileIron and AirWatch must cheat to appear competitive.



Today, we have filed separate patent litigation lawsuits against MobileIron and AirWatch to put an end to their abuses.



Because we hold over 75 patents, many of which are early, highly-cited, foundational patents in the field, and because MobileIron and AirWatch hold only a single patent between them, we believe that this lawsuit will be a bet-the-company case for them and that the court will grant an injunction.



We have created a website at where you can read our complaint and learn more about the lawsuits.



Thank you.