By Bruna Cortez | From Sao Paulo



The U.S. Company, Good Technology, which specializes in data protection software for mobile devices, will start operating in the Brazilian market for information security.



The path chosen by the company was a partnership with the Brazilian Cipher, which will be responsible for sales and technical support systems in Brazil.



The entry into the Brazilian market marks the beginning of the expansion of Good Technology in Latin America. The company, founded in 1996, is present in 14 countries and has approximately 630 employees worldwide. Growth prospects in the area of information security were the main attraction, according to Brian Carr, Vice President of Sales of the company.



The increasing use of personal devices to access work-related information is one of the trends observed by the company in Brazil. To protect the information and not have to prohibit employees from accessing corporate data from their own smartphone or tablets, companies from various sectors have increasingly invested in technologies that allow such access to occur safely. It is precisely this market that Godd is looking.



“Brazil is one of the leading countries with regard to this trend”, said Carr. A recent study by IDC shows that 43% of Latin American companies let their employees use the same smartphone for personal and professional purposes. When it comes to tablets, this percentage drops to 19%”.



The first customer of Good will in Brazil will be Itau BBA, already a Cipher client. The mobile operators are also on the radar of Good. Worldwide, the company has agreements with companies like Verizon and AT&T and provides protection systems sold by these companies to their customers. According to Carr, Good already started talking with major Brazilian operators, but there are no signed agreements yet.



The estimation of Good and Cipher is to invest nearly U$$ 2 million over the first year of operations in Brazil. Good won’t have offices in Brazil neither own employees. As the work of sales and support of their systems will be done by Cipher, it will Cipher who will respond for the workforce.



According to Eduardo Bouças, chief executive and co-founder of Cipher, the company hired about 10 professionals to take care exclusively of software sales from Good. In the role of distributor, Cipher will receive an amount of the sales of Good´s software.



Cipher has about 200 employees in Brazil and plans to end this year with revenues of approximately R$ 45 million. In addition to its offices in Brazil, the company also has commercial structures in London and Miami. One of the shareholders of the company is the Brazilian National Bank of Economic and Social Development (BNDES), which bought a 15% share in the company in 2011.



The list of commercial partners for Good in Brazil is not limited to Cipher. According to Carr, Good is looking for other companies that also can act as distributors of its software.